Add GPS data to Nitestar® DMI Systems.

The GPS-DMI Pro Distance Measuring Instrument (DMI) from MH Corbin is designed to complete a typical distance measurement survey using just four keys. The device records distances via GPS for logging points along a given route and offers linear distances with a superior degree of accuracy. 

The GPS-DMI Pro connects into a vehicle’s OBDII port and uses both vehicle distance data and GPS data to provide distance information to the Nitestar NS50 or NS60 DMI display unit. 

Moving the GPS-DMI Pro from one vehicle to another can be done in just minutes. The GPS-DMI Pro receiver is sold as a stand-alone device to be used with the Nitestar NS50 or NS60 DMI. 

Quick Facts

  • Uses a combination of GPS and OBDII information for extreme accuracy
  • Extensive internal memory for data storage and export 
  • Measurements are displayed in real-time 
  • Calibrates continuously as the vehicle is driven 


The GPS-DMI Pro has been engineered for extreme portability and can be easily installed and moved from one vehicle to another in minutes. 

LED indicators quickly alert the user to quality issues of the GPS or vehicle speed sensor data. 

Technical Specifications

Technical Data NEED

Dimensions 19 x 5.7 x 2.2 cm / 7.5 x 2.22 x .88 in.
Display LCD - 3 brightness settings
Keypad LED - 3 brightness levels
Power 9 - 16VDC, negative ground 90mA @12V
Output Pulse 0 to 5 VDC (low going high)
Output Channel 0 to 5 VDC digital

Interface, Port Data

Accuracy 0.2% of Distance Measurement
GPS Receiver 5HZ
Connection Type CAN-BUS OBDII Interface
GPS Accuracy +/- 6 ft.
Resolution 1 foot (1 meter)
Memory 0 to 99 locations, NS60 - Unlimited, 20 preset plain language events

Calculation Data NEED

Speed Calculation 0 to 199 (kph, mph, fps)
Material Calculation Area, volume, tonnage, cost
Calibration Four vehicle memory
Interval Counts Elapsed distance from last mark

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