The Right Solution for Wrong-Way Driving

Wrong-way driver events on highways and roads are a leading cause of fatal collisions. MH Corbin’s efficient and cost-effective approach to preventing wrong-way accidents helps traffic managers keep motorists safe.

20–25% of all wrong-way crashes result in a fatality

Compared to 0.5% of all vehicle crashes, according to federal and state crash data.

The MH Corbin Solution

Our consultative approach allows us to identify exactly the right solution and equipment based on your challenges, existing infrastructure and equipment, environment, and budget.

One size Doesn’t Fit All

Versatile & Flexible

Interoperability is a key feature of our wrong-way driver systems, complete with a variety of cutting edge equipment, fixed, PTZ and thermal cameras, LiDAR, Radar, and more. We can easily retrofit new hardware to an existing system or add other sensors to incorporate more functionality in addition to wrong-way data.

Every Angle Covered

Exceptional Accuracy

Every customized solution from MH Corbin can confirm the overall presence of a wrong-way driver—from the moment of infraction to a potential full merge onto a highway. We can leverage a single camera or a combination of inputs to track complete driver behavior, reducing false positives.

Real-time Decision Making

Intelligent Automation

Critical traffic information is gathered, analyzed and communicated at the roadside so alert systems are activated in real time with minimal latency. The Connect:ITS operates primarily as an edge computing device, but gathered data can also be sent to and stored in the Cloud.

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How it All Connects

Gather Data

Sensors detect all vehicles within a marked zone and quickly capture data with a high degree of accuracy in all weather and lighting conditions.

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How it All Connects

Analyze Risk

When a vehicle is traveling in the wrong direction, the system assigns the vehicle an ID that allows for a multi-step verification and can activate a series of alerts. The vehicle is tracked as it continues and can detect if a self-correction is made.

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How it All Connects

Communicate Warning

Once a WWD event is confirmed, the Connect:ITS sends a series of warnings to designated alert systems. Flashing beacons, DMS signs, Traveler Information Messages, in-car alerts, text messages and emails can all be activated to alert both wrong-way and right-way drivers as well as traffic managers and local authorities in real time.

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Technology that Enables Best-in-Class Wrong Way Detection


Roadside Controller

The CONNECT:ITS System from MH Corbin is engineered to be simple to use, scalable, and low power advanced roadside information system.

  • Completely compatible
  • Handles environmental, traffic and pavement data
  • Communication via DSRC
  • NTCIP compliant

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Bosch MIC IP Starlight

Camera Solution

Utilizing starlight camera technology, the Bosch IP Starlight is exceptionally strong and designed especially for rugged outdoor application.

  • Excellent low-light sensitivity
  • High dynamic range
  • Recognizes user-specified target objects
  • Edge intelligence w/ intelligent tracking

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Bosch DINION IP thermal 8000

Camera Solution

This thermal IP camera is designed to combine the benefits of thermal imaging with the market-leading video analytics.

  • Long detection range (up to 5850 m)
  • Integrated Intelligent Video Analytics
  • 640 x 480 resolution version available for sharper images
  • High access security for data protection

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