Platinum Communication Software

Broadcast, record and schedule HAR messages

Platinum Control Software provides data management, control, and viewing of transportation equipment. This unique software package allows for full control of Highway Advisory Radios (HARs) by monitoring, creating and changing broadcast messages for every HAR System in your network. 

Message recording, editing, review, scheduling and synchronizing are quick and easy through the intuitive graphical user interface. Features include map displays of each HAR system in your network, message library to simplify sending messages to the public, and simple execution of commands for your entire HAR network. 

Quick Facts

  • Control one or more devices with a single command 
  • Supports if/then programming for automated operations 
  • Software integrates with most other ATMS systems 
  • Support for customized maps and multiple users 
  • Prioritize and schedule broadcast messages
  • Single or recurrent operations are supported
  • Powerful Text-To-Speech capability available 
  • Scalable for small or large multi-server systems 



In addition to HAR Systems, Platinum Control Software can monitor RWIS, Wavetronix and other sensor data as well as manage beacon systems and variable messages signs (VMS). The software also has the ability to monitor set parameters and alert an administrator or user. 

Technical Specifications

System Requirements

Operating System Client – Windows 7 or 10
Server – Windows Server 2008 or greater
Processor 2.0 GHz or faster Pentium class 4
Memory Min. 1GB RAM
Storage Min. 2GB HDD
Dial-Up Server 1 PCIx Slot


Connectivity TCP/IP 100/1000 MBPS
(Ethernet), dialup-DTMF
Mapping Open Street Maps (online) Static Image (offline)
Architecture Client, Server
Database 1 required.
MS SQLServer 2008 or greater | MySQL 5.0 or greater
Postgresql 9.2 or greater

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