Transmitter Control Module

An important feature for highway advisory radio (HAR) systems is to vary the power level of the transmitter output. This will increase or decrease the coverage area accordingly. 

The TCM-1 Transmitter Control Module (when used in conjunction with the TXM4 transmitter) allows the power to be set to from 0.1 watts up to 30.0 watts. 

The TCM-1 Module is controlled from the MH Corbin R1500 or CAM-1 recorder/player, which in turn can be controlled remotely using Platinum software. 

Quick Facts

  • Remote report command to read back power and modulation level 
  • Allows for power level settings from 0 to 30 Watts in 0.1 W increments 
  • Front-Panel display 
  • Operates on 110 V AC line or on 12 V DC battery backup power

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