NC350 BlueStar Traffic Analyzer

Provides vehicle count, classification, speed & length data.

The NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer with Bluetooth™ Technology from MH Corbin provides the accurate measurements of vehicle count, speed, and vehicle length. The NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer sensor is placed directly in the traffic lane to measure data, and can be installed and removed quickly and easily withoutdamage to the road surface.

The NC350 BlueStar Portable Traffic Analyzer is designed to survey traffic on a roadway, bridge, parking garage, or construction area. Because the analyzer can communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth, traffic data can be retrieved & downloaded without removing the analyzer from the road.

Data is easily assessed using Highway Data Management (HDM) software, where it can be presented in the form of reports, charts and graphs.

Quick Facts

  • Communicates wirelessly via Bluetooth™ Technology
  • Can be installed and removed in minutes
  • Inconspicuous design blends in with road surface
  • Individual vehicle recording allows infinite binning capabilities
  • Durable extruded aluminum housing
  • Long-life, rechargeable, Lithium-Ion battery 
  • Easy to use software for viewing data



  • Up to 21 days per charge
  • Utilizes GMR magnetic sensor to detect vehicle structure
  • Sealed and potted design eliminates water intrusion
  • Inconspicuous design blends in with road surface
  • Can be installed and removed in minutes
  • Accurate Counts
  • Ultra Portable
  • Wireless Communication
  • LED  staus indicators
  • Download / program wirelessly

Technical Specifications

Technical Data

Dimensions 181 x 118 x 13 mm / 7.125 x 4.625 x 0.5 in
Ultimate Bearing Strength 88.000 psi (607 Mpa)
Weight 0.59 Kg / 1.3 lb
Power 3.0VDC to 4.2VDC
Operating Temperature Range -20° – 60° C/-4° – 140° F
Operating Humidty Range 0–100% RH


Length ±4 ft, 90% of vehicles
Speed ±4 mph, 90% of vehicles
Count ±1%, 95% of vehicles
Detection Vehicles from 5 – 120 mph
Capacity 300,000 vehicles or 21 days

Performance Data

Sensor Type GMR Magnetic chip
Memory Micro Serial Flash: 3MB
Interface/Communications USB or Bluetooth
Values Metric / Imperial

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