Radio Transceiver for Wireless Pavement Sensor

MH Corbin’s Radio Receiver for the VX-21-2 and VX2-1 Pavement Sensor

Quick Facts

  • Powered by 12V dc
  •  The low current draw makes it ideal for low power applications
  •  Comes programed for Lufft LCom or Vaisala Linux RPU's


Up to 9 VX21 sensors can report to 1 VX-TXRX radio. The radio can be programmed for use with any RWIS RPU. Also comes programmed as a troubleshooting aid to be used in conjunction with a serial program on any laptop. 

Technical Specifications

Radio Digi XBee Pro
RF DATA RATE 10 Kbps or 200 Kbps
INDOOR/URBAN RANGE 10 Kbps: up to 2000 ft (610 m); 200 Kbps: up to  1000 ft (305 m)
OUTDOOR/ LINE-OF-SIGHT RANGE* 10  Kbps: up to 9 miles (15.5 km); 
 200 Kbps  up to 4 miles (6.5 km) (with 2.1dB dipole antennas) 
TRANSMIT POWER Up to 24 dBm (250 mW) software selectable 
 RECEIVER SENSITIVITY -101 dBm @ 200 Kbps, -110 dBm @ 10 Kbps

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