LowBand Antenna Kit

Highway Advisory Radio antenna kit consisting of base pipe, mid-tip, coil and tip.  The kit also includes mounting brackets.  To be used when frequencies are 530-1000MHz.

HAR antennas from MH Corbin are designed to operate reliably under adverse conditions. The original design for the antenna was for ocean-going vessels that are subjected to salt-water and high winds. The design was further customized for MH Corbin to optimize performance of HAR systems. 

Under FCC Rules & Regulations §90.242, the antenna is limited to a maximum height of 15 meters (49.2 ft). The antenna is connected to the mounting pole using a copper bracket and high strength insulated antenna mounts. 

Quick Facts

  • Allows 530 style antenna to be mounted to pole.
  • Includes 530 Style antenna and mounting brackets.
  • Used on HAR systems.
  • Multiple pole options supported (wood, fiberglass, and concrete)
  • Continuous filament glass fabric epoxy
  • Available designs for up to 125 MPH (200 km/h) wind loads


Used to transmit AM radio signals on the Highway Advisory Radios.

Technical Specifications

Used for frequencies between 530-1000 KHZ.

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