Robust HAR control and RWIS observation in a single system

The Highway Advisory Radio with Road Weather Information System (HARWIS) from MH Corbin adds a new level of flexibility to Highway Advisory Radio Systems. Available as a complete system or as an upgrade to existing systems, the HARWIS can detect weather conditions using pavement, atmospheric, and visibility sensors.

HARWIS can provide the motorist with alerts for low visibility conditions, high winds, sleet, snow, slippery ice and heavy rain via HAR, VMS, flashing beacons, or text messaging.

Data is collected from in-ground pavement analyzers and smart weather sensors by Lufft®. Data is reported using the MH Corbin Digital Communications Controller.

Quick Facts

  • Adds new level of flexibility to new or existing HAR Systems
  • Weather sensors use simple USB connections to connect to existing MH Corbin equipment
  • Can detect hazardous pavement, atmospheric and visibility conditions
  • Can report data to HAR, VMS, warning signs and smart phones


The HARWIS uses the MH Corbin DCC-3 Digital Communications Controller to analyze data from road weather sensors. If a scenario is triggered, motorists are alerted through a number of destination options.


  • Lufft® all-in-one weather sensor
  • Non-Invasive pavement sensor
  • Precipitation/Visibility sensors
  • VX21 wireless pavement sensor


  • Highway Advisory Radio
  • Dynamic Message Signs
  • Variable Speed Limit Signs
  • Email/Text Alerts
  • In-vehicle alerts via DSRC

Technical Specifications

Pavement Sensor

Type MH Corbin VX21
Measuring Range 55⁰ - 125⁰ C / -67⁰ - 257⁰ F
Accuracy ±0.5⁰ C / ±0.9⁰ F
Conditions Measured Wet / Dry / Chemical

Atmospheric Sensor

Type Lufft WS600-UMB All-In-One
Measurement Technology Ultrasonic/Wind, NTC/T, Capacitive/RH, MEMS capacitive/Pressure, 24 GHz Doppler radar/Precipitation
Conditions Measured Temperature, relative humidity, precipitation intensity, precipitation type, precipitation quantity, air pressure, wind direction, wind speed


Type DCC-3
Interfaces (4) USB, (1) RS-232 serial, (2) RS-485 serial, (2) 1Gbps ethernet, ACCURACY (1) 4-pin CB
Software Requirements MH Corbin Platinum Control

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